My name is Apoorva (pronunciation: Uh-poo-rvuh), and I'm currently trying to convince everyone (including myself) that I'm pretty decent at this computer thingy. I'm currently mostly working on systems/perf-tools/graphics programming.

I was born in, and have spent most of my life in the mysterious subcontinent of India. I'm a second generation programmer, and hence have been fiddling with computers ever since I can remember.

I started out programming with BASIC, and as my first large project, ended up making a full-featured home-expense-tracking system for my mom when I was in the seventh grade. I learnt most of my early programming skills through books, because I got consistent internet access around 2006. The internet greatly accelerated my rate of learning, and I've worked on cooler stuff ever since. Here's an incomplete whirlwind history:

I created and shipped my first video game while studying for my bachelor's degree, and also did some freelancing around that time. I was an intern at Microsoft, where I worked on search engine stuff. I worked at NVIDIA on developer tools for GPUs; it was here that I learnt CUDA and systems programming. In my free time, I work on projects like an image editor, and various open-source libraries.

I enjoy working on visual problems and strive to pursue elegance and minimalism in the way I try to solve them. I started out as a C# & Windows person, but am on my way to becoming a Unix fanboy, with plans to acquire a neckbeard and a lawn to shoo people off of.

Computing aside, I like to compose and perform poetry. I play the guitar, can fiddle around with the piano, and own a violin that I look at wistfully sometimes. I draw once in a while - maybe I'll put up some photos on the website some day. I also enjoy watching artsy cinema and reading a variety of books.

If you'd like to get in touch, hit me up on Twitter or drop me an email—links are in the footer.