Apoorva Joshi


I currently work at NVIDIA on the CUDA profiler. My past work experience includes an indie game and a summer internship at Microsoft.

In my spare time, I dabble in graphics, systems, tools and game programming.


Recent Work

Papaya is an open-source GPU-powered image editor that I am building using C++ and OpenGL.

Papaya is designed to be fast. It starts up quickly, and is already noticeably faster than other popular editors at zooming, panning and brush rendering. Papaya is available on GitHub under the MIT License.

Socioball is a stylish isometric puzzle game. In each puzzle, you have to get one or multiple balls from start to finish by placing missing action tiles along the ball’s path. Socioball uses steganography and hides data inside images, effectively using Twitter as a level sharing medium. Socioball is available on iOS and Android.

I was the solo programmer in the two-person team that made the game. I also created most of the art. Socioball is made in Unity.

Flux is a cinematic tech demo for my procedural building generation tool for Unreal Engine 4. The tool allows for randomized large-scale city generation while also giving fine control over how buildings look. The tool features a sophisticated preset system that enables users to define their own building skins and then apply them quickly to target buildings. It supports heavy customization, including support for custom meshes, materials and geometry-generation algorithms. For a more detailed look at how the tool works, check out my devlogs on YouTube.

For all the projects I’ve worked on, you can check out the All Projects page.
For a concise look at my work experience, refer to my CV.